There are many “Cigar Journeys” out there and how people found their love of cigars. Some people grew up with a relative that smoked, while others had generations in the tobacco industry. For Chris Garcia, our Cigar Mas Fino Tobacconist, it was the culture as he grew up, seeing cigars in photos, movies, in the hands of athletes and actors, but most of all, gangsters. 

At the age of 18, as a rite of passage for a young man, Chris visited his first cigar lounge and smoked his very first cigar. Learning as much cigar jargon as possible, he asked for something earthy, with a chocolate note. And the Tobacconist handed him a Tatiana. 

But regardless of any brand awareness or the quality of tobacco, what he remembers the most was that he made it. He was going to get to smoke a cigar. And he remembers all of it. And he wants that same experience for every person that visits Cigar Mas Fino.