Visiting a cigar shop can be overwhelming, as you can have hundreds of options to choose from. How do you choose the perfect cigar for you? If you’re Chris Garcia, our Cigar Mas Fino Bakersfield Tobacconist, he’ll tell you the answer is based on your personal preferences and what drives you are your senses. It’s the smell, the sight, and the touch. 


When Chris walks into a humidor, he’s looking for a cigar that visually stimulates him. The hue, the sheen, and the wrapper’s texture are what draws him in. When he finds the one he wants, he picks it up and holds it. 


He feels the body, taking in the shape and the size of the cigar. Touch is important when choosing a cigar. Whether it’s a Parejo, the classically straight-shaped cigar, or the Figuardo, the tapered-shaped cigar, it all depends on your preference.


Hold the cigar an inch or so from your nose. Take a long inhale to get a feel for the scent of the cigar. Chris love’s to smell the aroma and the flavor of the cigar.

Time for a Taste

Once those three senses align, you’re ready to make your purchase, sit back and smoke. You’ll have a burst of spice, a stain of heat, and then that dissipates, and then your mouth is flooded with flavor. 

For Chris, how you choose the perfect cigar is an art form and one you’ll learn every time you visit Cigar Mas Fino.