We sat down with Chris Garcia, Tobacconist at our Cigar Mas Fino Bakersfield location, and asked him, “what he likes most about the cigar community?”

Chris told us it’s “the people and cigar culture within one city.” “Every city has their demo. You can have three different spots, with different layouts and a different culture. One place might not be your cup of tea, but if you go down the road just a little, you’ll find the spot that will draw you in. That will be the place that you can call your place.”

“The people are a great portion of what the cigar culture is. And even in, what I would consider a cigar renaissance with the budding and blossoming of used cigar boutique companies and the old heritage brands, everybody who’s coming in, is getting into the old brands, the new brands, and sharing their experiences.”

And we hope that you will find your people and your place at Cigar Mas Fino.