Soza Family

Moses Soza Jr

Moses Soza, Jr. | President

Driven by his appreciation for a fine cigar and some place nice and comfy to enjoy his stogie without missing a putt, play, pitch, pass or puck-drop, “Junior,” as he’s become known, was the mastermind of Cigar Mas Fino. From the colors painted on the walls, to every piece of hand-picked leather furniture and cherry wood-trimmed furnishing… every detail was conceived from Junior’s dream of the perfect smoking atmosphere.

Aside from living and dying by the success of the San Francisco Giants and Minnesota Vikings, Moses, Jr. is the President and runs all day-to-day operations for Cigar Mas Fino.

Moses Soza Sr

Moses Soza, Sr. | Vice President

Also known as “Pops” (or “El Jeffe”… take your pick), spends his days as a drug and alcohol counselor but can be found nearly every evening at Cigar Mas Fino happily assisting customers and keeping VIP Members and nightly regulars company with his jovial personality, wit and charm. There is no truer ambassador between the Soza family and Cigar Mas Fino’s valued customers than Pops.

An avid (and quite skilled) golfer, Moses, Sr. is Vice President of Cigar Mas Fino. Oh… yeah, did we forget to mention he’s a New York Yankees fan?

Sarrah Soza | Vice President & Treasurer

Just call her the “Closer!” With over 14-years of executive/management level experience in marketing, Sarrah leads Cigar Mas Fino’s marketing, in-store promotions and business growth efforts… not to mention, in general, she just knows how to get things done!

Truth be known, it is Sarrah that first started smoking fine cigars in the early 1990’s and introduced both her dad and brother to the lifestyle that would one day become a family business.

When she’s not in search of the world’s most beautiful beach, Sarrah is Vice President and Treasurer of Cigar Mas Fino. And, if you’re lucky, you may actually catch a glimpse of her in the lounge on an early Saturday morning shift.