Time in a humidor is important, it’s not just about the age of the cigar, time in the humidor allows all the different tobaccos in the cigar to get to their happy place, to get to the spot where they want to be smoked. If you order cigars online and they come to your house, they’ve been stored in different warehouses, they’ve been in different shipping containers all over the world, they’ve been in the back of a mail truck, and then they make it into your humidor. That cigar now needs time at a perfect temp and humidity to get to the place where it wants to be smoked. 

We have the same issues here, at Cigar Mas Fino. Our Cigars also need to be shipped, however, they come directly from Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic to our door. When the cigars arrive here, we try to set them aside so they have time to find their happy place before our customers buy them.  

The time cigars spend in our humidor, at the perfect temperature and humidity, is what makes them superior to any online purchases. When you buy online, your cigar has been around the world more than you have, and it needs time at that perfect balance to find its happy place. Check out what makes Cigar Mas Fino different on our social media accounts.