The first time you tasted a glass of wine or a beer, you likely didn’t love it. The same thing might happen when you smoke your first cigar – but over time, your palate will develop.

“Cigars have age. Cigars have fermentation. They have different terroir,” says Cigar Mas Fino co-founder Chris Mortensen. “They have all sorts of factors that can be learned as you get into the cigar smoking hobby.”

When you’re getting started, what matters most is finding a cigar, a place, and a group of people you enjoy – and who can help you realize how rewarding this hobby can be.

The Right Community Is More Important Than the Right Taste 

“First and foremost, at our cigar lounge, we want you to feel comfortable,” says Chris. “And that should be the case no matter where you go. You should walk in the door and feel like you’re supposed to be there. You should feel like you’ve left whatever happened in your day outside.” 

If smoking doesn’t feel like a respite for you, it’s likely not so tied to your choice of cigar. It’s likely tied to your overall mindset, the people you’ve chosen to smoke with, and the environment you’ve chosen to smoke within. 

“Not every cigar is enjoyable for every person,” says Chris. “But what’s most important is that you enjoy the time you spend smoking. It’s almost as important who you smoke with as it is what you’re smoking. Like any great meal, when you look back a week later to talk about it, you’re sharing the jokes that you shared, the things that you laughed at. You’re not so concerned about how well the steak was cooked.” 

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