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How Did You Get In The Hobby?

There are many “Cigar Journeys” out there and how people found their love of cigars. Some people grew up with a relative that smoked, while

How did you develop your appreciation of cigars?

Visitors to Cigar Mas Fino should expect to meet the Tobacconist who will take them on what we call a "Cigar Journey." For our Tobacconist, it's a blessing to be able to be your curator, your guide through it all.

What Should Visitors Expect When Coming to Cigar Mas Fino?

Meet Chris Garcia, our Cigar Mas Fino Bakersfield location Tobacconist.

Feeling Like a Winner? October Raffle Promotion

Feeling Like a Winner? October Raffle Promotion

Introducing: Cigar Mas Fino Luxury Smokes

Cigar Mas Fino is proud to announce our very own line of Luxury Smokes. We worked hard to develop the perfect line suited to our

What Makes Cigar Mas Fino Different?

Time in a humidor is important, it’s not just about the age of the cigar, time in the humidor allows all the different tobaccos in

Finding Your Cigar’s Perfect Balance

There are many reasons that you need to keep a cigar at the perfect temperature and humidity.  Tobacco is a fuel. Think about it in

How to Store Cigars in Central California

Cigar making is an art. There aren’t a lot of facts involved, mostly opinions. At CMF we feel between 68-72% humidity and 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit is the best

Can you Restore a Dry Cigar

If you’ve ever lost an expensive cigar to dehydration you know it hurts. You might be asking yourself – can I rehydrate this? The short

Taking Care of Your Cigars

Chris Mortensen of Cigar Mas Fino walks you through how humidors can improve the quality of your cigar. From humidity to temperature to water quality, there are